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The Rockford Search network is a search tool that was developed to help connect Rockford, Illinois and surrounding area businesses with other businesses, residents and visitors.

Our Mission

Rockford Search promotes Rockford restaurants, bars, clubs, events, hotels, and more. It is our goal to help you find the information, services and products you need as easily as possible. The Rockford Search network also helps Rockford, Illinois residents find employment opportunities through RockfordEmployment.com.
Rockford Illinois is located in the Midwest, in Northern Illinois. (weather rockford il) The Rockford Weather Forecast (Rockford Forecast) usually consists of Rain, Sleet, Snow and Sun. Rockford Illinois hasn't gotten an earthquake nor has Rockford had a tornado in many years. Rockford Illinois Weather stays consistent every year. On July 8, 1913 a Tornado hit Rockford, the damage was estimated at $100,000. Many Rockford area buildings were unroofed, and State Street was flooded. In March of 1960 a heavy snowstorms followed by floods hit the Rockford area. 1,700 Rockford residents were left homeless from the north and south of Rockford. (weather in rockford illinois) On June 28, 1960 Rockford Illinois was hit by the worst hailstorm in Rockford Illinois history. Damage to Rockford buildings is estimated at $1.25 million. Rockford Winter of 1842-1843, Rough weather; snow in Rockford averages 30 inches deep, and many Rockford cattle starve. (weather rockford) On June 13, 1926 in Rockford Illinois, 4.37 inches of rain fall in 90 minutes in Rockford; Rockford flood damage is estimated at $1 million. On July 18, 1952 eleven inches of rain fall to create Rockford's worst flood and trigger a multi-million-dollar Rockford drainage program; two Rockford residents drown, Rockford property damage set at $1 million. (weather in rockford il)