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Service Rockford I recently needed to have a wisdom tooth pulled after it began giving me a great deal of pain over the weekend. All it took was a 5 minute phone call with Jullie (who is probably the sweetest lady you''ll ever meet) to get me in to see Dr. Mirza that very same day.Dr. Raz pulled the tooth quickly (I honestly didn''t feel a thing) and had me back to work within the hour. I followed Dr. Raz''s instructions and within a couple of days I felt great again.The team at Rockford Family Dental are friendly, gentle and most of all -- they''re caring. They LISTEN to your needs and do what they can to meet those individually, you can feel the difference because they don''t just treat you like every patient. I never worry when I have to go see the dentist anymore. thank you all so much for what you do.

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Rockford Family Dental

Rockford Family Dental

If you're in need of general dentistry or child dental services, the team at Rockford Family Dental would like to meet with you! Rockford Family Dental is accepting new patients and referrals for the whole family. From infant dentistry to cosmetic full mouth reconstruction, call us today to schedule an exam and learn more about what we can do to help you get the happiest, healthiest smile.

Dr. Catherine Baer-Mirza & Dr. Razvan Mirza

Dr. Catherine Baer-Mirza and Dr. Razvan Mirza have been working together side-by-side for over 18 years, starting at Marquette University to where they are today in Rockford, IL. They strive to provide comprehensive dental care, from cosmetic teeth whitening to dental implants. The Rockford Family Dental team's goal is to provide friendly, compassionate service, ensuring you get the best oral healthcare while feeling like you are part of their family.

The friendship and dedication Dr. Baer-Mirza and Dr. Mirza provide to their patients can be felt from the moment they meet, their philosophy is what drives their practice and makes it a family-favorite in the Rockford area. Contact them today to schedule your appointment or click here to visit their website.
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