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At Pure Flo H2O we pride ourselves in providing the finest products, the best prices and hassle free service in every marketplace we serve. The company was founded on December 1st, 1997 by Steve and Carol Souza of Rockford, Illinois. We are committed to providing the best of everything in the Bottled Water industry to you, our customer.

We've done a novel thing in the Bottled Water industry since our start-up. We were committed to service as our number 1 priority and we have lived up to this priority, ask any of our many satisfied customers

It is our company policy to do everything in our power to become the best Bottled Water company in the marketplace. We will work to earn your trust as well as your business and with Pure Flo H2O, we promise you will never become just another account number.

Do we have experience in the industry? You bet we do! Steve Souza, the owner and founder of Pure Flo H2O has worked in the industry for over 29 years. Much of those years were spent working for large bottled water corporations that have lost sight of how they got so "big". These are well respected companies that have commanded your loyalties for years and have done little over the years to earn and retain your loyalty. If you are looking for a change to a company that actually can provide the products and service you desire please give us a try, we promise to earn your business.

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