Swansons Discount Vacuum

Swansons Discount Vacuum

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Swansons Discount Vacuum Are you in the market for a new vacuum cleaner?  Take a look at what Swanson's Discount Vacuums has to offer!  Not only have they been selling and servicing vacuum's in the Rockford area since 1945; it started as one man, in one location, and has been able to successfully grow into 4 locations with multiple people all working together to make Swanson's Discount Vacuum one of the largest vacuum sales and service companies in the Midwest.  

Even to this day, Swanson's Discount Vacuums is locally owned, as well as operated, and their main focus continuously remains on selling their customers the right cleaning products for their cleaning needs. When you buy from Swanson's, know that if you ever need repair work done, we're here to help!  All of the repair work we do is done in house and buy our team of experts.  

Give Swanson's Discount Vacuum a call today and see how we can help you!
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