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Triangle Metals, Inc.
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0 out of 5 stars Reviewer: Allen Sova

Service Rockford We just received the brackets yesterday. Although we haven?t done any assembly on them yet, we do notice a tremendous improvement in the quality of the part. The addition of the bend relief looks like it?s going to work out perfectly.The brackets we received yesterday were deburred perfectly ? I don?t think we?ll even have to touch a file before assembling the part. This will be a great step forward if this level of quality can be applied to all of the parts that you send us.Thank you for your continued efforts to improve the quality of our parts. Keep up the good work.

0 out of 5 stars Reviewer: John Q.

Service Rockford When we were looking for a fabricating company to trust with our intricate job, it seemed like no end was in sight. The companies we spoke with either couldn't handle the specs or were too highly priced. Then we found Triangle Metals. Working with Triangle has been a joy. They listen and make sure that the quality you're asking for is there in every piece. We'll never work with another fabrication company again!